Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday's List

I am a list maker, are you? The best part of doing anything is being able to cross it off the list.

A friend detailed her quilting list went step by step, including sashing, binding and label. (Hey, I might remember to label quilts that way!) I am trying that now and find I get a lot more done, at least on paper!

The first project today is a new shopping bag made from the scraps from a spring charm swap last year. The red square is from the swap, and will add a nice "pop" to the softer colors.

The rest of my sewing time will be divided between the quilt on the frame and the jeans quilt. I have a UFO that has to be finished by the end of the month for a challenge, so I will get at least one step done there.

I also list the cleaning and gardening and such that needs doing, because otherwise I would forget them until I see dishes in the sink at 9 pm, or a poor potted plant withering in the early morning light as I run to the car on Monday morning.

My life has gotten rich enough now, though, that I don't have to pad my lists with things like shaving my legs and washing my hair. Not that I remember to do those all the time, but my lists are now long enough that I don't want to get overwhelmed.

Off to start my sewing!

1 comment:

Sweet P said...

You don't shave your legs and you live in CA where it's almost always shorts weather?

You are getting a lot done this weekend. Isn't is fun to spend time sewing?