Sunday, June 8, 2008

Almost Done

Thanks to a UFO challenge, I have made some progress on one of the quilts I have in various stages of unfinished.

It surprises me to see how gorgeous some of these projects are, and I wonder how I kept setting this one aside. Another group I am in is collecting comfort quilts for a cancer center, and I will be giving this one up when I get it finished. As much as the colors please me, I hope they comfort someone in need.

This goes on the quilt frame this week, so by next weekend I hope to mark it "done"!


grace said...

Aileen as i said on list - this is just gorgeous .. I love the motion and flow that you've created with these colours ..

great job .. and to give to cancer comfort .. Thumbs up :D

Yvonne said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! And would that other group collecting for a cancer center be any group I know? I HOPE! If it's our group then I might have to come up with a prize for "First One Finished." LOL

sewnut said...

Aileen, I think it is very nice, I love the swirling effect cuz' I keep looking at it move. Great work. How are you going to quilt it