Monday, October 6, 2008

New Toy!

I am not a visual person. Well, I see things through a vague haze when planning a quilt. I have a hard time getting what's in my mind's eye onto paper, and then in fabric. So I splurged and bought EQ6.

What a kick! It will take me a while to learn, but this morning with the book open in front of me, I downloaded pictures of some Amy Brown fairy blocks and some fabric I recently purchased and began playing.

I wanted abstract. The recipient is not a traditional kind of gal. I scrolled through layouts until I found something that came close. Then I added fairies and fabric and came up with this:

I liked the blocks being offset, but the rest was a bit dull. So I moved fabric around.

I like this so much better! If I use the other new toy I got, the Wave Edge Ruler, on the straight edges, I'll like it even more.

I wasn't sure how to get rid of the little block and sashing lines in areas that won't be broken up, but I can visualize them not being there. I have a few more weeks before I'll actually make the quilt, so I might change my mind all together!

What do you think?