Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Ruler Method

A friend recently mentioned using the ruler method, as described here to store fabric. I tried it with a few pieces and decided the folded fabric really does take up less space than when I just fold it as it comes out of the bag or box. I told myself that as soon as I had something better to use than totes for storing the fabric, I would redo all my fabric.

I got bored last night so I went ahead and refolded a tote-full of fabric. I now have room to spare in the tote, and I have the fabric grouped for easier access. One stack is stuff to be used together, one stack is miscellaneous pieces, and the third stack (yes, I get three stacks in my tote!) is backing pieces.

I have some shopping bags to get mailed this week, but as soon as I do, I will start folding my remaining tote and adding it to the rest. In theory, this means I'll empty a tote-full of fabric sooner than if I sewed it all up. Does that mean I can start buying fabric that much sooner?

It was tempting, but instead I made a list of what makes up most of the "goes together" stack. When I finish with those, plus a few other already-planned quilts, then I'll let myself shop.

On that list I wrote down the name of the pattern I planned to use with the chosen fabric sets. Now I have now excuse to spend my day browsing for a pattern when I could be sewing.

Hmm, I think my next list should be the patterns I have printed to make someday, and see what fabric I have that would work with them. When I get ready to make one I will know what fabric to buy already.

Wow, this is starting to get scary! What will happen to the world as we know it, if I become completely organized in my quilting? I shudder to think.

Made From Stash

Over Memorial Weekend I got some projects finished, or close to. I am trying to sew from my stash, at least until I use one tote worth of fabric. I am rather pleased with how much I can make with why I have here.

I admit, my first project, a table runner, was made with purchased 5" charms, but the fabric was perfect for a Christmas gift. I did find the binding and backing in my stash.

I did the last three rounds on a Roosting Robin (made like a round robin, only you do it all yourself).

This is a bit scrappier than the designer had in mind, but I like it anyway. The pattern is from Quilts by Kos. The top is done and it's waiting for quilting. How long can it go before it's considered a UFO?

The other project I finished is the May bag in the BQL Challenge. (I'm not putting their link here as they aren't accepting new challenge members).

This bag is made using Insulbrite so you can carry your cold and frozen items from the grocery store. It has a zipper closure. The bow ties are 3-D, which give it a really fun look!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I don't know who decided that we should outgrow our need for a blankie, but I don't think I ever will. It's probably why I started crocheting afghans, and while I quilt because I'm a fabriholic, having one on my lap while I sew on the binding is one of the most comforting feelings.

The quilts made by friends, or round robins made with friends, are a special treat. Favorite fabrics, quilts made for special occasions, they all have a calming effect.

My first quilt that I made for myself is now in the possession of my dog. A lot of people might find that odd, but they don't understand.

Look how he is lying, almost as though he can't touch his bed, only his quilt. That blanket has been his constant companion in each of the six places we've called home in the last four years. I take it with us when he and I go visiting, so he knows his place.

This dog has been the only constant in my life for the past twelve years. Well, he and the brown furry tiger blanket my brother gave me for Christmas almost thirty years ago. I'll do everything I can to see to his comfort as he has mine. Everything short of offering him the tiger blanket.

One day he'll be gone, but I'll still have his quilt to warm me and comfort me when his loss weighs me down. The memory of its use won't outlast me, but maybe the quilt will bring comfort to someone new when I am gone. Whether two-legged or four, the feeling is the same.

I am home, I am loved.