Thursday, May 1, 2008


I don't know who decided that we should outgrow our need for a blankie, but I don't think I ever will. It's probably why I started crocheting afghans, and while I quilt because I'm a fabriholic, having one on my lap while I sew on the binding is one of the most comforting feelings.

The quilts made by friends, or round robins made with friends, are a special treat. Favorite fabrics, quilts made for special occasions, they all have a calming effect.

My first quilt that I made for myself is now in the possession of my dog. A lot of people might find that odd, but they don't understand.

Look how he is lying, almost as though he can't touch his bed, only his quilt. That blanket has been his constant companion in each of the six places we've called home in the last four years. I take it with us when he and I go visiting, so he knows his place.

This dog has been the only constant in my life for the past twelve years. Well, he and the brown furry tiger blanket my brother gave me for Christmas almost thirty years ago. I'll do everything I can to see to his comfort as he has mine. Everything short of offering him the tiger blanket.

One day he'll be gone, but I'll still have his quilt to warm me and comfort me when his loss weighs me down. The memory of its use won't outlast me, but maybe the quilt will bring comfort to someone new when I am gone. Whether two-legged or four, the feeling is the same.

I am home, I am loved.


sewnut said...

I agree. Both the 4-leggeds here have a quilt to sleep on. One of their very own. Little dogs has hers during the day and at night I place it on our bed for her to lay on. Old guy has a quilt that was Jeeg's. He must like it as he looks for it to lay on.

I think they feel the love.

Lymryk Quilts Cats and Portuguese Water Dogs said...

I understand more than you know.

Pat H