Monday, April 28, 2008

"Must Hug in Person"

My dear friend Kay informed me today that I am on her "must hug in person" list.

We were mourning the loss of an online quilting friend, Jennie Sherlock. Neither Kay, nor I, had been able to attend the large gatherings in the past with our quilty friends, and Jen's passing has made us realize how important it is to make that happen next year at Jamboree '09.

The recent movie "Bucket List" has people talking about the things you want to do before you die. I was having a hard time forming a mental list, as there aren't many experiences or places that are of major importance to me. The trips I would take revolve around people, either friends I want to meet in person, or visit the places that my ancestors called home.

Kay summed it up best, though. My bucket list would include the friends who share my life but who live too far away to sit down to coffee with. The people whom I must hug in person to have felt my life is complete.

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