Monday, April 21, 2008

Collecting Fabric

What is it about fabric that make sit so hard to actually use it?

I buy two categories of fabric. No, three. First, fabric for a specific purpose. Second, a print so wonderful I can't live without it. Third, a great sale that is bound to be useful someday, or would make a perfect backing.

The specific purpose fabric gets used, of course. Most often, it's used for its original intention, unless something else comes along before I finish the intended project.

The second bunch is the hardest to use. Once sewn, it's gone. What if later I find a better project for it, and I don't have it anymore? I have a few totes worth of this fabric.

The last bunch seems like it would be the easiest to use, but sometimes it's much harder. Again, I worry about a better suit in a later project. If I was thinking backing, I am afraid to use some and not have enough for backing later. It's as if I think there is a limited amount of fabric on the earth.

This tote is made of second and third group fabric. The main print was a discount bolt, 50% off if you buy the bolt. I loved it, so I got what was left. I was saving it for a gorgeous quilt someday.

The blue was bought with another had-to-have fabric as the perfect coordinate. I made a purse of out of some of the other fabrics but was saving this to make a small quilt with the leftovers of the other.

The green was a sale print that goes with many of the colors I normally buy.
I love how they work together, and I have large enough pieces left to do something with.

As I finished that tote and looked at the overflowing remaining stash, I realized I could cut down a good portion of it by making quick and easy 1-yard shopping bags. Then I could organize what I had and maybe find some wonderful pairings for an amazing quilt.

Then I took a deep breath and calmed myself back down. Don't you realize how much energy it will take to cut into some of these fabrics? What if I find the perfect pattern two months later, and don't have enough fabric left?

Pattern, that reminds me. I have a box full of perfect patterns printed off the internet, just waiting to be used. The problem is, I no longer remember what fabric they were perfect for, and I probably have cut into some of those bigger pieces...


Becky said...

wow - can I relate to this or what?!!! That is exactly the way my brain thinks about fabric, too!! LOL If you ever find a way out of this circle of thought, please share it :)

sewnut said...

the special collections... yes,but I also have secret stashes in my stash that I am saving for that absolutely magic moment when inspiration, time, energy, pattern, and follow through all exist on the same plain as my sewing studio.

you are right about the patterns too!

morningDove said...

oh I can so relate to this. It is so funny. But I love your bag and the fabrics you finally decided you could cut. You've inspired me to go cut.