Thursday, August 5, 2010

Neverending Quilt

I really need to post about my purses or something here or you'll all think I'm such a whiner! I am currently trying to finish the Judy Niemeyer Wedding Star quilt. I hoped to have it done for the kids' anniversary today but I swear the pieces keep multiplying when I go to bed at night.

On the upper right are Unit 1 pieces (arc A and melons), right below the dark center star pieces. Next step is to sew those two together to make Unit 2. Upper left is the light center star which gets sewn to B arcs, middle left for Unit 3.

Below the B arcs are more Unit 1 sections, and to the right is a finished block, which I think is Unit 4. Unit 4 blocks get sewn together to make the body of the quilt. So I am making progress. I'm thinking a week to 10 days ought to have the whole thing finished - quilted bound and everything! Watch for more photos as it comes together.