Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Made From Stash

Over Memorial Weekend I got some projects finished, or close to. I am trying to sew from my stash, at least until I use one tote worth of fabric. I am rather pleased with how much I can make with why I have here.

I admit, my first project, a table runner, was made with purchased 5" charms, but the fabric was perfect for a Christmas gift. I did find the binding and backing in my stash.

I did the last three rounds on a Roosting Robin (made like a round robin, only you do it all yourself).

This is a bit scrappier than the designer had in mind, but I like it anyway. The pattern is from Quilts by Kos. The top is done and it's waiting for quilting. How long can it go before it's considered a UFO?

The other project I finished is the May bag in the BQL Challenge. (I'm not putting their link here as they aren't accepting new challenge members).

This bag is made using Insulbrite so you can carry your cold and frozen items from the grocery store. It has a zipper closure. The bow ties are 3-D, which give it a really fun look!

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