Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Ruler Method

A friend recently mentioned using the ruler method, as described here to store fabric. I tried it with a few pieces and decided the folded fabric really does take up less space than when I just fold it as it comes out of the bag or box. I told myself that as soon as I had something better to use than totes for storing the fabric, I would redo all my fabric.

I got bored last night so I went ahead and refolded a tote-full of fabric. I now have room to spare in the tote, and I have the fabric grouped for easier access. One stack is stuff to be used together, one stack is miscellaneous pieces, and the third stack (yes, I get three stacks in my tote!) is backing pieces.

I have some shopping bags to get mailed this week, but as soon as I do, I will start folding my remaining tote and adding it to the rest. In theory, this means I'll empty a tote-full of fabric sooner than if I sewed it all up. Does that mean I can start buying fabric that much sooner?

It was tempting, but instead I made a list of what makes up most of the "goes together" stack. When I finish with those, plus a few other already-planned quilts, then I'll let myself shop.

On that list I wrote down the name of the pattern I planned to use with the chosen fabric sets. Now I have now excuse to spend my day browsing for a pattern when I could be sewing.

Hmm, I think my next list should be the patterns I have printed to make someday, and see what fabric I have that would work with them. When I get ready to make one I will know what fabric to buy already.

Wow, this is starting to get scary! What will happen to the world as we know it, if I become completely organized in my quilting? I shudder to think.


Sweet P said...

Aileen, you need some hunky man fabric to fold!

Aileen said...

I have some, the cowbots and construction workers, LOL! More fun to fondle than to fold, though.