Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leaves on Leaves

It's so nice to scratch another one off the list!

I sewed down the last inches of the binding on the maple leaf quilt. I do have to make a label for it still, I always forget that step. But after a quick wash to get all of the thread bits left from all the frog-stitching I had to do while quilting this, I can fold it up and put it in the gift box.

I chose a meandering vine with heart shaped leaves. For some reason I can do heart shapes well, so I have a feeling a lot of quilts in the future will end up with this design.

Tonight I need to make one more bra bag (see the shopping bag photos) for my daughter, then work on some swaps. And take a photo of something, anything, so I have something to write about!

1 comment:

grace said...

Aileen .. I just LOVE that heart leaf motif .. you did do that very well .. and it's so attractive!!!

I can't wait to see what other goodies you are working on ..