Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finish Something!

I was suffering a bit of quilty ADD yesterday and wanted to get started on some of the many new projects I have on hand. Yet, the cutting table was still buried and the quilt frame had an untouched quilt still sitting on it. So, I told myself I had to finish something before I could start another.

The quilting went quickly. I did a continuous line row of trees, very Christmassy, and I was pleased with myself for trying something new.

I had to remind myself I was stitching trees, not soldiers. It was okay that they weren't uniform, and if the "ground" was uneven. Still, an occasional Charlie Brown tree turned up in the lot.

This is the Spring Breeze pattern by Dorothy Young Designs, without the border to continue the design, since my irregular light values made the pattern hide. I still love the look, though, lots of fun scrappy Christmas fabrics.

I had to share the back, too. The dot fabric on the sides is the light value in the second quilt I am making from this pattern. That one looks the way it was designed. I'll share a photo as soon as it is done.


grace said...

Those are great Aileen ..i love what you've done! and charlie brown trees are great ..

btw .. LOVE that snowman fabric

Ira said...

Very impressive. I wish I will learn to do quilts one day. Or see one inlive not only on the picture. Thank you for visiting my blog.

sewnut said...

That is a great quilting plan. I love your work. You are quite a proficient quilter with wonderful colour play. I better find a way to get on your Christmas list!