Monday, April 19, 2010

Wallets and Grommets

My niece had a birthday this weekend and since she's on her own these days, I thought I'd make her a purse. Then I saw the pattern for a Wallet and Grommet Purse. My niece has a kitten named Wallace and plans to get a dog and name it Grommet, so I knew what I had to make her!

I started with the purse for myself, with grommets for a drawstring rather than handles, so I didn't make the sides of my niece's purse wide enough for big grommets. And I forgot interfacing!! But she figured it was a book bag which suits her. I had a FQ of jellybean fabric that I thought would make a fun wallet.

My own bag turned out pretty much the way I planned, once I found a big enough hammer to deal with the metal grommets. I was certain I'd never work with metal grommets again after the headache these were, but my daughter loved this purse so I guess I have to. But not right away! This fabric is the Tres Belle line. I collected enough for a bed-size quilt, so I should still have enough for a Turning-Twenty type lap quilt.

The pillowcases were cut out before I moved. I made my duvet cover with Bohemian Manor fabric. I already had two king-sized pillowcases to match, and these standard size pillowcases complete the set. I really love making pillowcases and love the look on the bed! I use the burrito method - enclosing the raw edges in the cuff fabric, and use French seams for the edges. They work up so fast!

I have a stack pf pillowcases to sew up for the pillowcase challenge, but I'll post about that another day! Happy sewing!

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sewnut said...

I covet your fabrics.
And your purses too.