Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching Up and Settling In

I see it's been a while since I have posted anything! Luckily there's so much that's happened since July that I can write daily for a while and catch up.

The latest news is the recent move. Mom and I bought a cute little mobile home just a few miles from where my daughters and their husbands live. We're now close enough they can drop by before or after work just to visit for a few minutes, which means Mom will see so much more of them.

So, this is the new place. That front room is Mom's and the window bumps out, giving Jake a place to sit and watch for us to return home. Mom decided it's more important for him to be able to see out that for her to use the space, so for now we only have a doggy in the window, no pretties.

Between the deck and the fence in a narrow planter and path, both of which were filled with weeds. There is a honeysuckle in the center, and we added a delphinium and jasmine, so far. We're taking the planting and laying of bark a step at a time, as you can see. I've weeded almost all the way to the jasmine and laid bark on the cleared area.

This is the view from the other end of the deck, showing you what the front looked like pre-bark. The ground is sandy so after a brief soaking the weeds come right up. I alternate yardwork and unpacking or putting up shelves, so little bits of everything are getting done.

Here's our yard. The whole thing, except for a four or five foot wide stretch behind the mobile, at the back of the photo. It should be easy to keep the lawn trimmed with a weed-eater, once I win the battle over the weeds. The shady spot on the left has a rose bush under the cedar tree. I have a Spanish lavender, a hydrangea and a Bleeding Heart plant waiting to go in that corner.

Jake's wondering why there is a fence between us. He loves his little yard and doesn't bark at the dogs living next door. He only barks when people and dogs pass in front of the house. Good boy! This front bed has the mailbox. We planned to not plant anything there but when we pulled up weeds we found a couple of bulbs and a volunteer pine tree, all of which are too small to show up.

The bed under the front window had tons of volunteer plants coming up in odd places. In the far corner against the house is a blue potato bush. Toward the center is a small sago palm, and next to it, a geranium. Scattered throughout were a couple of strawberry plants, California poppy, alyssum, and a few things we hope aren't weeds because we didn't pull them. We added stock, snap dragons, thrift, Gerber daisies, and a few other flowers I can't recall.

On to the inside:

Our lovely, cluttered living room. We're blending two households, and most of Mom's furniture is family pieces and/or beautiful antiques. I had to get creative, thus the drop-leaf table computer stand and the buffet entertainment center. Most of the seating is covered with quilts, both to keep it cozy and to protect the furniture. Someday I'll make enough coordinating quilts so it looks a bit less cluttered.

Split up in photos, the room seems so much bigger! The room is actually small enough that with two footrests in the first photo, the coffee table in this one needs to be used as an end table. In front of the grandfather clock (assembled by my father years ago) is a box of photos that I'm still hoping the photo fairies will put up one night as we sleep. Note the Old English Dictionary on the stand to the left.

The kitchen is surprisingly roomy, and somehow I'm managing to fit almost everything we own in the cupboards. Of course, I suppose most people don't have canisters on the stove. I need to organize the pantry so I can put the canisters in there. Those that aren't on the stove are on the high shelf next to the window, which means Mom won't be cooking if I don't change that.

Speaking of the pantry, we have a nice one on the right here, the size of your basic coat closet. However, lots of deep tall shelves aren't great for storing foodstuffs. Another project for one of these days. Oh, don't you love the junk drawer? The three drawer unit on the left held fabric in its previous life. Now it holds tools and picture hangers, cable/electronic wiring, extension cords, and all the miscellaneous pet stuff I've collected and have nowhere else to put.

And finally, a shot of my room. Yeah, this is all you're going to see for now! I still have boxes to unpack, but I set up the green modern lamp that came from my younger daughter and had to show her. The lamp adds a green tinge to everything in my room when lit. That might disturb some people, but suits me just fine!

Slowly but surely we're finding a place for almost everything. We've fit a lot more in than I ever thought possible! I think I have enough projects to see me through a few years, although some unpacking can't happen until projects get finished. Thank goodness for the two sheds. At least we have enough in place that it feels like home already! Drop on by sometime! We'll have a glass of ice tea on the deck and listen to the trains rattle by.

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