Sunday, July 6, 2008

Flower Quilt Motif

See the pretty flower? It's centered on the dark purple square. I left paper here and there to make it easier to find the stitch lines. You'll probably have to click for the larger photo to see it.

This is a motif out of the book, The Art of Feather Quilting by Judy Allen. Love this book!

The borders on this quilt are free-motion feathers ala Sharon Schamber. All four of the purple squares have the flowers, as do the small pale squares within the wheel.

The four lighter diamonds have an enlarged version of the flower surrounded by feathers. In the center, there is an 8-pointed star, each point of which will have a feather motif from the book.

The outer light area is free-motioned with the curls seen in the first photo.
I have to decide tonight what to do in the wheel itself. I would like to do something that winds around the circle but am limited in the amount of room I have to work in. I'll probably do a vine with heart-shaped leaves, since it's something I know I can do. I am hoping to get this done and in the mail this week, so it can be displayed at a show, advertising a cancer auction coming up in October. I just hope it turns out good enough.


Pat (Riker) said...

VERY pretty and I'm impressed with your quilting skills. I'm not able to quilt anything of mine...don't have a machine that can handle it nor do I have the experience. So far,I've made just small things that I try to hand-quilt. I am hoping to be able to afford to send something out soon for quilting,'s one of my dreams to do that. You are lucky that you can do that yourself. Thanks for sharing the pictures and describing the details. It's beautiful!

grace said...

wonderful job Aileen ..

freemotion quilting can open up so many more avenues to express ourselves .. i just love quilting :D

love the purples (of course)

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt. The color is fabulous!!

Karen in IN

Valerie said...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed my visit with you.

Gigi said...

Hi Aileen, thanks for stopping by my blog. Judi is wonderful and I am so happy to have someone like her to work with every day! I am impressed with both of you and your talents...I don't have the patience but certainly can appreciate the beautiful work that you do.

As for bell peppers 2/$12, who's ever heard of such a thing? LOL I think all of us are suffering pretty equally on gas for the car. Luckily, here, we don't have too many miles of paved road. :)

Take care, Jane B. in Unalaska

Sweet P said...

I love your purple quilt. It reminds me a tall cold glass of grape kool-aid. (Can you tell it's hot here in NH?)

I've given you an award on blog. Please go check it out.

sewnut said...

I am passing along awards! Come on over and see.