Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Pat Sloan asked in her blog what we are doing to add flamboyance in our lives. I thought it very apropos, since I have been trying to do just that since my friend Jennie lost her battle with cancer.

I've shown some of the photos here, but I have a stack of fabric waiting to be molded and shaped into the magic my muse has in store.

The most recent step was to make curtains for the little windows in one wall. The big windows all have white wooden blinds. I couldn't do anything that drab for these little ones.

Aren't they loud and wonderful? I want to do one project a week or so (it might take longer to figure out a slipcover for my chair) and I promise to add photos as I do.


Mary said...

Hi Aileen, sorry to hear about your friend...love your fabric for your curtains, very cheerful, hang in there! Hugs, Mary

Sweet P said...

Great curtains! Definitely flamboyant!