Monday, March 10, 2008

Quilt Green Challenge

Quilting Arts Magazine is hosting a Go Green Challenge for quilters. It involves making a 5"x5" mini quilt with recycled items, nothing purchased just for the project.

In the current (February/March 2008) issue of the magazine, there is an intriguing article by Natalya Aikens on recycled quilting. She suggests making weekly journal quilts from repurposed materials.

I decided to try my hand at using found items for a few weeks, then entering one in the magazine challenge. Here's the first:

I used rummage sale ugly fabric for the backing, green dryer lint for the batting. The green was so pretty I didn't want to hide it, so I added small trimmings of cotton fabrics from my waste basket, some pink used gift wrap and shreds of gold, copper and raspberry paper from chocolate wrappers.

To help hold it all in place, I added a tea-dyed crocheted doily from an estate sale. (Oh, I just looked at the photo again and realized what I need to do with the other half of the doily!)

My doctor has advised me I need to be kinder to my body to the tune of 50 pounds (well, 40, now!) and the chocolate was smuggled into my body after my last check up. I decided to include the wrappers in some art, as the beautiful packaging is not helping my packaging become more beautiful.

I call this quilt "Waist Not."


sewnut said...

This seems like a fun challenge. I love your first interpretation.

Diana said...

I love this Aileen!! great use of your stash and the title is just too much! congrats on losing the pounds and repurposing the wrappers.