Monday, March 10, 2008

Eco Quilting

I think I mentioned before that I am trying to live more mindfully. In quilting, I am looking for earth-friendly ways to keep the passion going. I am starting with batting choices.

I use cotton batting most often, mainly because I love the feel. Cotton is renewable, but if it's not organic, you have tons of chemicals involved in growing it. I used to live next to fields and would be so sick when defolient was sprayed just before time to pick.

Alongside organic cotton batting made by several companies, you can now get bamboo blend batting. Fairfield has a line of 50% bamboo, 50% organic cotton. I used that batting in this quilt:

I have to say, when I pulled the batting out of the roll to let it air before using, it was the softest stuff! I wanted to just curl up with the batt, forget putting fabric around it.

When I got over that urge, I put the quilt on the frame and got to work. This batting is as thin or thinner than 100% cotton, has a light scrim that kept its shape beautifully. The quilt itself is very lightweight, a nice spring feel on the bed. I think this might become a new favorite batting, although I have a cotton/silk blend and cotton/wool blend to test still. There is also a line of corn-based poly that I am curious about.

Fairfield's bamboo products are available through Joann's; use your coupons to bring the price down, as it costs a bit more than cotton and poly lines.

YLI has a new line of organic cotton thread, although it's only available in white and natural that I can find. Maybe if we all start buying and asking for more colors, we'll get them. I found it for sale at Keepsake Quilting.

Next I want to find organic cotton fabric. The more we use, the more they produce, right? If quilters start demanding organics, the prices will come down and the variety will go up. And we'll all live a bit better without the chemicals. (Sorry, my SoCal nature-girl is showing)

By the way, the pattern for the quilt above is from Paula at Coffee Time Quilt Studio. Isn't it a fun design?

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Yvonne said...

Thanks for testing that Bamboo batting and posting what you thought of it--I've been verrrrrrrrry curious! Seeing as how it is Aileen-approved, I gotta get me some of that! ;-)