Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Scraps

I love scrap quilts, when someone else makes them.

On the other hand, I have two Christmas scrap quilts that I made and love, and have two more in the works with the Spring Breeze Pattern by Dorothy Young Designs.

I just seem to have this mental block that makes me feel they are less of a quilt. I am working on this!

I recently finished a very happy quilt with some orphan blocks and scraps that went a long way toward improving my feeling about them. I had some blocks made for projects where the blocks hadn't turned out as planned, but they were great blocks. I also had some half-square triangles made from corners cut off those blocks.

Using my design wall I began placing blocks in an area smaller than a twin batting. Then I measured space in between the blocks and filled as needed. I chose clear colors as they seem more cheerful, and as the spaces filled, I grew to love it more and more.

The quilt was to be a gift, so it was very important for me to love it. I can be very apologetic about a gift if I am not happy with it. (I am working on this, too!) When I had finished quilting and binding, my love for it blossomed.

Most importantly, the recipient love it, and has often been seen sitting beneath it, stroking the fabrics. Isn't that what we want for our quilts, to have them petted and loved?

It looks happy, don't you think?

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Kucki68 said...

The quilt looks great! I just love scrappy quilts, they are the original quilts to me and I find quilts with few fabrics visually boring most of the time. However that is my personal opinion only.